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Group Activities

Providing our residents with stimulating activities is an important part of improving their quality of life.The biggest challenge for any recreational therapist lies in matching the right activity to each resident’s individual physical and cognitive capabilities.Our recreational therapists & physiotherapists work closely with nursing staff to choose an activity that will be most beneficial for the needs of each individual resident. Activities have been done individually or in groups if a particular activity is suitable for a number of residents.

Social Activities : Birthday Parties

There are many opportunities for activities like this. Some residents might like to take part in decorating a room for a fellow resident’s party. Others might like to help bake and decorate a cake. Staffs, residents and family members of all residents enjoyed the events.

Physical Activities

These activities are designed to promote physical and mental health.Bouncing, tossing and kicking beach balls provide physical activity and mental stimulation. Wheel chair-bound residents might still be capable of using their arms to simulate movements like rolling a bowling ball, or playing balloon volley ball.


Crafts provide entertainment for our residents, as well as promote manual dexterity. They can also provide our residents with a sense of accomplishment and purpose that can be very beneficial to their state of mind.

Friendly staff 

Residents in the centre are always accompanied by our friendly and professional staffs.