Premier Elderly Care in Kuching

We provide comprehensive care for elderly patients in Kuching. Depending on your needs, we can take care of your elderly in our nursing home, or we can send a private nurse to your house for home care. When an elderly person is unwell, we can provide Hospital at Home service as well.

Premier Elderly Care Centre

Our resident doctor, supervising matrons, nurses, caretakers, and physiotherapists work hand in hand looking after your loved ones here

Premier Elderly Home Care

Private home nursing care for elderly patients with a disability, who needs help with mobility, wound care, personal care and etc.

Hospital at Home

This innovative healthcare model which provides hospital-level care to elderly patient in their home. For suitable cases, we bring the hospital to your home instead of having to go to the hospital

Doctor Home Visit

Doctor's review at home, including blood test, review of various conditions (memory loss, falls risk, vaccination, heart conditions, stroke etc). No need to worry about parking, long waits, and mobility difficulties!

Home Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation at the comfort of your own home

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