1. What are the aspects of elderly care we emphasize on?

Function and independence:

At Premier Elderly Care Centre, we place immense emphasis on preserving and building our resident’s level of independence and their functional capabilities, so that they can live life to the fullest. We strive to improve the mobility and strength of our residents, and to minimize their physical disability. This is the reason we have a team of 4 physiotherapists and 2 physio-assistants who conduct daily physiotherapy for all our residents.

Health and comfort:

We are committed to providing excellent medical care and nursing care for our residents. Our nursing team is headed 2 retired hospital matrons (nursing heads) who have great experience in geriatric care, and they lead our nursing team to provide professional and diligent care for the elderly.

Our full-time doctor reviews all residents twice a week, and this allows for fine-tuning of the residents’ underlying medical conditions. In addition, in the event where a resident is unwell, they will be given immediate attention, and treatment commenced immediately.

Quality of life:

We believe that in addition to providing a good quality of care, we need to ensure that our residents have a good quality of life. We provide a clean, home-like environment at our centre so the residents do not feel institutionalized. We treat the elderly with respect, and try to cater our care to the resident’s request in order maintain their dignity and autonomy. Our group and social activities provide our residents with a sense of belonging, and help foster meaningful relationship between the residents and staff.

“To cure sometimes, relieve often, and comfort always”. We take this excellent quote as our motto, and constantly remind ourselves of our important role to comfort those in need, and provide the best care for each person.


  1. What equipment is available at the centre?

Medical equipment: Hospital bed with railing, ripple mattress, oxygen concentrator, oxygen cylinder, ECG machine, hospital-grade vitals sign monitor, suction machine, patient hoist

Rehabilitation equipment: parallel bar, pedal cycle, resistance bands, shoulder pulley, balance and stability training board, gym ball, wrist/ankle weights, various wheelchairs and walking aids

Recreational: cable TV, wifi, various board games, newspaper subscription, book collection, mah jong table

All the beds we use are reclining hospital beds with railings, and are equipped with a ripple mattress whenever necessary. The nursing home is air-conditioned between 12pm-7am daily, and between 7am-12pm, we open all the windows for ventilation.


  1. Are there single/individual rooms?

Unfortunately, we do not have single rooms available at this time. As the risk of falls and associated complications are high in the elderly, we employ an open hall layout in the centre so that every resident is visible to our staff at a glace. This allows us to provide attention and care to each resident immediately whenever necessary.

We are currently in process of setting up 4-bedded rooms for mobile elderly individuals at low falls-risk, and will be able to accept new residents soon!

  1. What are our charges?

Our charges depend on the condition of the person, and are based on the level of care required by each person. Therefore, we typically do a home visit to assess the condition of person before we are able to advise on our monthly rate. Do contact us at 016-878 2536 for an estimate of our monthly charges or arrange for a home assessment.


  1. What is included in our charges?

Nursing care, review by doctor twice a week, and daily physiotherapy are included. Also included are 3 meals a day and laundry services. Consumable products that are necessary such as diapers, soap, shampoo, and personal medications are not included.


  1. Are there any hidden charges?



  1. What is our staff to resident ratio?

In the day, we have at least 1 staff to every 2 residents, and overnight we have at least 1 staff to every 5 patients.


  1. Are there activities at the centre?

Of course! Our physiotherapy team also coordinates group activities in the centre, and these include origami, Jenga battles, card games, group sporting activities among others.