Hospital at Home(中文版请往下阅读)

What is Hospital at Home ?

Hospital at home is a service that provides active treatment by health care professionals (Doctors, Nurses & Physiotherapist), in the patient’s home, of a condition that otherwise would require admission to hospital for acute medical care.

It is different to the home care provided by nurses and carers because it is designed to offer more intensive medical support for a shorter period of time (usually two to seven days).

Who is suitable for Hospital at Home service ?

  • Elderly patients with multiple comorbidities, difficulty in transport to hospital. And having acute illness such as diarrhoea, cellulitis, exacerbation of COPD, heart failure, pneumonia etc that needs admission to hospital.
  • Elderly patients who was admitted to hospital but discharge early and require to continue medical care at home for a few more days
  • Advance cancer adult patient who require palliative treatment at home.
  • Any patient with terminal illness who require palliative treatment at home.

Who is NOT suitable for Hospital at Home service ?

Patient who needs more intensive care, or required supportive equipments that only available in the hospital.

Patient stays outside Kuching. Due to transport problem, currently the service only cater for patient in Kuching area only.

How it works ?

  • Call 016-8782536 if you think your elderly family members can benefit from the service, be prepared to provide some basic health information regarding the patient.
  • A doctor will do home visit and assess whether the patient’s condition is safe and suitable for Hospital at Home service.
  • If the patient is suitable and has given consent, the doctor decide a treatment plan and nurses will come in to provide care, monitoring and carry out doctor’s plan.
  • Doctor will continue to visit the patient everyday and the nurses rotate and come in three shifts a day, to provide continuous, 24 hours care.
  • Patient will be “discharged” once the condition has recovered and doctor nurses stop visiting the patient unless upon further request.

What are the benefits of Hospital at Home program ?

  • Elderly patients hate hospital environments, worried about staying in hospital, and often reluctant to even leave the house.
  • Avoid risk of hospital acquired infection which involved antibiotic resistant bacteria
  • Elderly patients less likely to develop complication such as confusion or delirium as they are with the familiar surrounding and family members.
  • Elderly have better recovery in terms of functional status as well as the disease itself.
  • Less stress on the caregivers and family members
  • Better patient satisfaction
  • 1 to 1 attentive nursing care and visiting doctor consultation



家庭病床服务 - 医生与护士去到病人家里,提供平常只能在医院里得到的医治与护理。家庭病床有别于普通的长期病人护理,它主要是在病人家里医治比较急性的疾病,通常疗程是两天至七天。



2)已经住院的年老病人,情况好转允许提早出院,但仍需要几天的点滴或注射 药物或护士的观察护理。













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